The Team


Betsy Pearl Cardwell

Betsy has traveled the globe as a Production Manager for various music tours, was one of the Founders and Artistic Director of Miami’s Acme Acting Company, and served as Production Manager for the Coconut Grove Playhouse. Her experience includes managing theatre, music, and dance productions, and most-recently the multimedia dance/film Forerunner for the Post Modern Funk Project. She is currently based in Asheville, NC, where Corpening Media was founded.

Jeff Corpening

Jeff is a Writer, Director, and Editor with decades of work in corporate, broadcast, and cable television. Known for his short film The Library (2000) and his award-winning Compassion trilogy (2019/2020), he formed Corpening Media to focus on narrative storytelling. Jeff graduated from the University of Miami film school when they were still cutting celluloid, and currently teaches filmmaking and video production to youth. He is now producing and directing films in Atlanta, GA. 

Evan Purcell

Evan is the award-winning Writer of the Karma Tandin: Monster Hunter book series for children. He travels the world teaching English and creative writing to students from Bhutan to Zanzibar, is a prolific scriptwriter, and speaks over 17 languages. He also lies sometimes when writing his own bios.



Heidi Kinder

Heidi has a passion for storytelling and brings her fine-tuned skills to various filmmaking roles. Working her way up to Producer from Assistant UPM and Script Supervisor, she has been an integral part of production teams on short films, documentaries and feature films. Heidi also works as a Stage Manager and Producer on live performances and events.

Edward Grant

Edward is a passionate Musician live on-stage and is equally at home in the studio. Classically trained on the violin, he brings over ten years of experience performing and recording in the local New York City music scene to bare when composing scores for feature and short films.



Other team members and partners that have worked with us on specific projects are reachable through our social media pages. Please Contact Us there if you need to get in touch with anyone specifically.