Videos & Scripts


We currently have several scripts in varying stages of completion. Below is a short list of what will surely be some exciting future projects. Let us know which one you think we should produce next. And if you’re a screenwriter interested in working with us on a script, contact us on Facebook!


The Last Play of William Shakespeare

(Sci-Fi Comedy)  On the night his Globe Theatre burns to the ground, a despondent and rather drunk Bard meets a time-traveling and love-lorn playwright.


(Dystopian Sci-Fi)  Deep in the mountains live a group of rebels who have shunned the “civilized” society created by a government in cohorts with the pharmaceutical industry.

Father’s Day

(Drama)  Dr. Walden decides to spend the weekend introducing his children to his estranged father. Could anything ruin a perfect day?


(Sci-Fi Horror)  Tristan turns back the clock in an effort to save his son.  Unfortunately, time-travel has a time limit.

Athair Mund

(Sci-Fi)  Can a troubled astronaut accept her fate, or is it possible the ship’s computer has learned how to lie?

Meat Cute

(Horror Comedy)  Romance blossoms as two survivors fight off a zombie horde.


Stained Glass Sky

(Family Drama)  On a career-saving assignment, a middle-aged lawyer is faced with deciding what it actually means to succeed in life and love. Faith, race, betrayal, and friendship are among the issues he will be forced to confront before learning the truth about the man he is.

Wolf Man

(Sci-Fi/Horror)  When the people of a small town begin getting hunted and killed, their local sheriff is confronted with the possibility that werewolves are real. Unfortunately, the true monster is something far more horrific.


(R-Rated Comedy)  One hormone-fueled summer at a multiplex theater marks the end of innocence, and the beginning of the end for celluloid film.


(Drama)  As he lies comatose after a motorcycle accident, Steve’s family and friends–some of whom have never met, others who know each other all too well—gather in the hospital to stand watch, ponder fate and attempt to create meaning in Steve’s plight.

TV Series (Pilots)

The Library

(Fantasy Adventure Children’s)  Where everything real and imagined is at your fingertips, adventure is never far behind. A small-town librarian holds the secret to helping kids in crisis, by sending them on all-too-real journeys through the history and fiction in books.

Boca 65

(Sit-Com)  Series featuring a thirty-something recently widowed mother who serves as the recreation director for an upscale retirement community in Boca Raton, Florida. The series is set against the community’s outrageous daily occurrences – many of which are captured by the newly launched resident-run TV station, Channel 65.