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Camp Hopeless is a Micro-Budget LGBTQ+ Horror Film that will include R-Rated content (LVN). Our team has made every effort to be respectful of the characters and the social/racial/religious groups to which they belong, however there may still be content that will offend. Also, we plan to kill off a great many of them. Horrible, bloody deaths. Seriously brutal if we’re being honest. The production will be difficult, consisting of exterior filming locations, night shoots, and long production days–so your shoes will get ruined. The pay will be low; that’s what it means to work on a micro-budget set. Honestly, why are you even considering doing this? We wouldn’t, if we had a choice. But, as filmmaking is in our DNA, we don’t. Anyway, keep all this in mind and know that, at the minimum, we most-certainly hope you survive the horror of the filmmaking experience!

We encourage and welcome those from diverse backgrounds, all ethnicities, and varied capabilities to apply.

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…but remember, you were warned.