Corpening Media

A production company founded in 2017 by Writer and Director Jeff Corpening. Based in Asheville, NC, we bring together teams of talented individuals, behind and in front of the camera, to ensure the highest level of quality for every production. Our focus is on narrative films with meaning, and our mission is to do what we do …for the love of storytelling.


The Team

Betsy Cardwell, Producer/COO

Producer, Betsy Pearl CardwellBetsy has traveled around the globe as a Production Manager for various music tours, was one of the Founders and Artistic Director of Miami’s Acme Acting Company, and served as Production Manager for the Coconut Grove Playhouse. Her experience managing theatre, music, and dance productions, and her editing a wide-array of video projects, has proved invaluable to her role as Motion Picture Producer.


Jeff Corpening, Writer/Director/CEO

Director, Jeff Corpening

Jeff is a Writer/Director whose decades of work in corporate and broadcast television have given him the experience and perspective to produce efficient and effective narrative films. Known for his short film The Library (2000) and his Compassion trilogy (2020), Jeff is a former teacher of filmmaking who formed Corpening Media to focus on narrative storytelling.


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