To achieve true compassion requires knowledge, empathy, and action. There is no empathy without knowledge, and without action, we are left with only pity. This is the basis of the short movie Compassion. The project consists of three parts (or three distinctive stories) that present this concept in stages. Each will explore and present its portion of the trilogy.

Part 1 (Knowledge)

Witness the awakening of an individual who is afforded a glimpse into our shared future–specifically, a look at what his actions will ultimately lead to and how Earth’s environment will suffer as a direct result.

Part 2 (Empathy)

Take a brief supernatural journey into something akin to The Twilight Zone when a bait shop owner, who excels at taxidermy, is forced to empathize with the suffering of a creature typically at his mercy. With a mixture of excitement and terror, it will be a hard lesson to learn.

Part 3 (Action)

Witness the growth of respect and friendship between a woman of wealth and her servant in this time-bending drama. As the two women grow close, the Matron will have to decide how much she is willing to risk for her maid, and whether or not it is worth risking her own safety to show the full measure of compassion.

Project Details

Currently in production. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this project, or  contributing.